HM Revenue & Customs

Activation Code

The Activation Code is a 12 character security code which you use to activate an online service. This is sent to you by post when you complete the online service registration process.

We issue a separate code for each service you register for. Therefore, please ensure you enter the correct code if registering for multiple services (see note below if you are registering for our Pension Schemes online service). You must use your Activation Code within 28 days of the date shown on the Activation Code letter, otherwise you will need to register again.

Please note: For our Pension Schemes online service you are required to pre-register and at that point will be provided with an Activation Token which will be displayed on screen or sent by post. You will only need an Activation Code to register for our Pension Schemes online service if you have failed to make a note of or have lost the Activation Token provided at pre-registration.